OPDC / London Planning Policy

The site lies within the jurisdiction of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC). The site is within one the 12 OPDC ‘clusters’ in the draft OPDC Local Plan 2021, falling within the Mitre Canalside cluster.

Policy P10C4 of the Draft Local Plan supports the delivery of a leisure, eating, drinking and community focused cluster at the Mitre Canalside – seeking to cluster publicly accessible uses facing onto the Canal from Mitre Wharf.

The site benefits from a draft allocation (reference 31) for a minimum of 100 homes and 420 sqm of commercial floorspace. Scrubs Lane is identified for the early delivery of homes in the OPDC.

The OPDC are keen to ‘activate’ this end of Scrubs Lane, and will seek active uses at ground floor levels, with proposals that carefully consider the already consented proposals at Mitre Yard and in particular at North Kensington Gate (‘NKG’) (South).

The OPDC are keen to maximise the development capacity of sites, but with a clear overarching objective to achieve exemplary design and a high-quality built environment.

The site will achieve PTAL 5 in the future, and in accordance with the London Plan (2021) densities at sites with existing or planned PTAL of 3-6 should “optimise the potential for housing delivery”.

OPDC draft policy requires all developments capable of providing more than 10 homes or a gross floorspace of 1,000 sqm to provide affordable housing, subject to viability.

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