Recording of 8 March 2022, 1pm
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First event (first consultation)
Second event (first consultation)

All the questions have been timestamped.  If you scroll through and click each question, you will start the recording of the video at the appropriate position. Here are the consultation slides used in the presentation: Consultation slides (warning opens a large file PDF)

  1. Start
  2. Introduction of panel members
  3. Architects presentation
  4. Question on affordable housing
  5. Question on climate emergency
  6. Question on OPDC infrastructure and transport
  7. Question on PTAL and Local Plan
  8. Question on CGI and visual information
  9. Question on Public access
  10. Question on solar panels
  11. Question on building heights
  12. Question on application submission
  13. Question on elevations
  14. Concluding remarks and how to provide feedback
  15. End
  16. =